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Training in oil-hidraulics with practical and theoretical programs, adapting to the needs of companies and people.

Program of courses
  • Operation of oil-hydraulic
  • Hydraulic components
  • How to develop and interpret hydraulic circuits
  • Making the diagnosis of faults and their correction
  • Mounting of circuits at hydraulic test bench
  • Simulation of tunings
  • Practical work at test bench


  • Technicians of maintenance or design
  • Operators of machines with oil hydraulic drive
  • Technicians at complementary areas (electrical, mechanical and pneumatic)
  • Technicians procurement

Intra-Company Training

The courses are tailored to the needs of each company, with industry specific content. Schedule, dates and location are defined depending on the availability of your company.

Inter-Company Training

Courses held each year in Lisbon and Porto with the following contents:
CTH - Hydraulic Theory
Oil-Hydraulic Operation • Flow rate • Pressure • Power •  Hydraulic Fluids • Filters • Seals • Directional Valves • Pressure Valves • Flow Regulators • Proportional Valves • Logic Elements • Hydraulic Accumulators • Hydraulic Pumps • Hydraulic Motors • Aplications • Symbology
CPH - Hydraulic Practice
Preparation and Interpretation of Hydraulic Circuits • Setting and Fine Tuning Control Valves and Special Valves • Cases of Type Breakdowns • Resolution of Practical Exercices
CBH - Hydraulic Test Bench
Assembly on a Hydraulic Test Bench of Circuits • Fine Tuning Simulations • Performance of Practical Work

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