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CUDELL celebrates 60 years



CUDELL celebrates 60 years of INNOVATION with EXPERIENCE and COMPETENCE 

CUDELL’s history starts on October 25th, 1954 when my father Gustavo Roberto Adolfo Cudell founded the company “Eng. Gustavo Cudell”, an individual business enterprise. The facilities were located in Oporto, rua Alexandre Braga, 42-1. The company traded electrical tools, power transmission belts, water meters and woodworking machines at that time.

I was also born on the same day the company was founded and today, 60 years later, I continue the project that my father started with so much energy and perseverance.

I personally would like to thank all employees and all those who have worked with the company, as well as to all the customers, suppliers, service providers and friends for their valuable contribution over these 60 years. This is the reason why we have reached where we are today.

I hope to keep your trust in the future and that we continue to be part of the History.

Kind regards,

Gustavo Cudell


» Visit our history in www.cudell.pt/en/history