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The opening of VIA RÁPIDA shopping center

VIA RAPIDA shopping center has recently opened in the business zone of Porto, owned by INPULS-Imobilia, S.A., one of the companies of the CUDELL Group.

This shopping center has already a CONTINENTE Bom Dia supermarket and will also have other convenience stores, restaurants and offices. The access can be made through the direct connection of VISO's metro station or by Street Eng. º Ferreira Dias (business zone of Porto).

The opening day of CONTINENTE Bom Dia supermarket was the 16 th December 2016. This store, inspired by a modern urban concept, offers a pleasant, comfortable and convenient walk, in order to ease the daily lives of the shopping visitors.

VIA RAPIDA shopping center is a pioneer project designed as a further step towards the mobility of people. It is the first Portuguese commercial space with privileged direct access to a METRO station, in this particular case VISO's metro station in Porto.

The official inauguration is scheduled for April 2017.